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Bone Grafting
Mason City, IA

3D-rendered cross-section of a dental implant placed in to jaw bonePatients who experience tooth loss may also experience the loss of jawbone. This loss can occur when a tooth extraction requires part of the surrounding jaw to be removed. The tooth loss results in the loss of root stimulation, which is needed to keep the jawbone from atrophying.

This loss of jawbone may contribute to unwanted changes to your facial appearance and make your dental restoration more complicated. Our experienced doctors in Mason City, IA can regenerate healthy bone tissue where you need it most with bone grafting.

What to Expect During a Bone Graft

During your initial consultation, you will get to know your doctor, learn more about the process, and ask any questions you may have about bone grafting or subsequent procedures. We will also go over sedation options during this appointment, including IV sedation and local anesthesia.

During the bone grafting procedure itself, your doctor will collect a sample of healthy bone tissue and graft it onto your jaw in the targeted area. While bone grafts are sometimes harvested from the patient’s body, we typically use artificial bone alternatives, eliminating the need to harvest your bone tissue.

Whenever possible, we try to perform bone grafts at the same time we perform other procedures, such as dental implants. This minimizes the patient’s surgical risk and recovery time. In some situations, it may be necessary to perform the bone graft, allow some time for it to heal, then move forward with other procedures.

Comfort and Recovery After Your Treatment

The length of your recovery will depend on the size and location of your bone graft. While it is normal to experience some minor discomfort or swelling for a few days, most patients say that the bone graft is far more pleasant and comfortable than they imagined it would be.

Plasma Rich Growth Factor (PRGF)

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, consists of a patient's own blood that has been centrifuged to produce a dense concentration of platelets. These platelets contain a complex array of growth factors —the same ones that are naturally activated by the body's wound-healing response following an injury.

When applied during surgery such as a bone grafting procedure, the highly concentrated wound-healing molecules contained in PRP respond to the biologic signals secreted by the tissues at the surgical site, leading to a physiological cascade of wound healing and tissue regeneration —all using nothing but the patient's own plasma.


•  Bone formed with PRP is double the density as without.
•  Bone matures twice as fast with PRP as without.
•  Soft Tissue matures twice as fast with RP as without.
•  Less oozing and bleeding with PRP as without.
•  Less surgical post pain and discomfort with PRP as without.
•  Less post op swelling with PRP as without. And thereby less sutures popping open with PRP as without.

The Bone Grafting Results

Once your bone graft is completed, it will stimulate further growth of natural, healthy bone tissue. Ultimately, this will preserve your facial appearance and ensure a steady and secure place to anchor dental implants.

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To schedule a bone graft consultation, contact Dental Specialists and Implant Clinic of Iowa in Mason City, IA at 641-243-1486.
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Bone Graft (PRGF) - Mason City IA
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