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Tooth Extractions (Post Op Instructions)


Following the extraction of one or multiple teeth, it is normal to experience some bleeding for 12-24 hours. If this happens, place a gauze pad over the wound site and bite down for half an hour. If bleeding continues, repeat this step with a clean gauze pad as needed until bleeding begins to subside. You may also bite down on a moist tea bag for 30 minutes to encourage clotting.

If you do experience bleeding, keep your head elevated, and avoid exercise and hot liquids. If bleeding persists, reach out to our office for further instruction.

Denture wearers can expect some oozing from the sides of their dentures. Do not remove the dentures unless the bleeding becomes severe.


Ice packs can help keep swelling under control. Apply ice to the sides of the face where you had teeth extracted. Use ice continuously while you are awake, for the first 36 hours following your procedure. Starting on day 3 post-op, switch from ice to a warm compress with gentle massage of the swollen areas to encourage swelling reduction. Continue the warm compress and massage until swelling has resolved.


If you experience mild to moderate pain, you may take one or two tablets of Tylenol or Extra Strength Tylenol, or two to three 200 mg tablets of Ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil) tablets every 4-6 hours.

For more severe pain, you may take any narcotic pain medications that are prescribed by your surgeon, and use them as directed. Note that prescription pain medications can cause you to feel groggy, and they may also slow your reflexes. When taking prescription pain medicines, avoid driving, operating machinery, and drinking alcohol.


Antibiotics can help prevent infection, so make sure you take them as directed. Do not continue using antibiotics in the event of a rash or other adverse reaction. Contact the office if you have any questions.

Diet & Hygiene

If you have had teeth extracted, it is important to replenish the blood and fluids you lost. Initially, you will want to restrict your diet to liquids and drink plenty of water on the first day. Slowly graduate to soft foods and advance your diet as you feel comfortable doing so.

On the day of your surgery, avoid rinsing too aggressively to prevent disturbing blood clots. You may brush your teeth at night, but be very gentle in your rinsing.

On the day after surgery, start by rinsing every 6-8 hours, especially after eating. Rinse with a mixture of salt and warm water.

Having many teeth extracted at one time is quite different from having just one or two teeth removed. During extraction of multiple teeth, the bone must be shaped and smoothed prior to the insertion of a denture. In this case, the following conditions may occur and are considered normal:

•  You may experience swelling and discoloration, sometimes around the eye. Swelling usually begins the day after surgery and reaches its peak within two or three days, then dissipates on its own. You can minimize swelling by icing for the first 2 days, then switching to a warm compress with light massage starting on day 3.
•  It is normal to experience a sore throat, simply due to the throat muscles swelling. This should resolve on its own over the course of two or three days.
•  Also, note that your lips may become dry or cracked. Application of Vaseline or other ointments can help a great deal.

If immediate dentures have been placed, you may notice the development of some sore spots. In most cases, your regular dentist will see you within 24-48 hours after surgery and make the necessary adjustments to relieve sore spots. Failure to make this appointment may result in severe denture sores, which can, in turn, extend your healing process.
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Tooth Extractions Post-Op Instructions - Mason City IA
Follow our post-op instructions for tooth extractions in Mason City, IA. Ensure a smooth recovery and optimal healing after your procedure.
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