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3D Cone Beam
Mason City, IA

At Dental Specialists and Implant Clinic of Iowa, we believe in using state-of-the-art technology to improve patient outcomes, increase comfort, and enhance safety. We are pleased to provide full 3D imaging of the teeth and mouth as part of our consultation process. These 3D images help us develop more precise treatment plans and provide patients in the Mason City, IA area with improved results.

Benefits of 3D Scanning

3D scans allow us to see the full anatomy of the tooth and mouth in three dimensions. We pair these rich images with software that helps us plan procedures and eliminate the guesswork. Essentially, 3D scanning catches more than a typical X-ray would, allowing us to guide dental implant placement and plan other procedures more carefully.

Some additional benefits of the 3D scanning process include:
•  Reduced exposure to radiation when compared with typical X-rays
•  Greater visibility, including the ability for us to see things that would not be visible to the naked eye (such as nerve and sinus anatomy)
•  Improved development of patient treatments and care plans
•  Decreased risk of “surprises” during a surgical procedure
•  Images are promptly available for your oral surgeon to view and plan the best course of treatment

You're in Good Hands with Dental Specialists and Implant Clinic of Iowa

We are committed to remaining on the cutting edge of clinical technology at our practice, offering best-in-class options for improving patient outcomes.

To schedule a consultation with one of our doctors, contact our practice in Mason City, IA at 641-243-1486.
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Dental 3D Cone Beam CT - Mason City IA
Experience advanced diagnostics with 3D cone beam imaging in Mason City, IA. Cutting-edge technology for precise oral surgery and treatment.
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